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!FREEBIE! - Finding the Right Doula for YOU

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Want a guide to help you on your search to find the right doula for YOU?

We created this FREE worksheet to help guide you as you find the right doula support for your perinatal journey. Gathering your thoughts in one place is always a helpful exercise, so this worksheet is here to help you do just that!

*Scroll down below to download your own copy

In the paragraphs below, we're breaking it down section by section to teach you how to use this FREE worksheet.

What type of doula support do you need?

  • In our previous blog about Doulas, we shared that doulas can provide support across a range of reproductive events and outcomes, read the blog if you need more clarity.

What is your budget for a doula?

  • Getting clarity on the budget or amount you are willing to invest in doula care will help you with your search for a doula.

  • Don't get anxious about whether you budget is too low, there are options, organizations, and doulas that are committed to making doula care accessible for all (including us!).

  • For example, community-based doulas often offer free or low cost doula care (supplemented by grant funding). Alternatively, some doulas also offer sliding scale services and will list it on their website.

  • Visit the "Resources to help afford doula support"on our Resources page for a few more options on how to afford doula care.

Find doulas that align with your needs to interview.

  • Use the space to list the contact information of doulas you would like to follow-up with while you search.

  • Things to keep in mind ... Doulas and Birthworkers operate their practices in many different ways, this includes solo, in collectives, in agencies and/or nonprofit organizations. Google Doula directories - There are are also several you can use to gather your list of doulas to interview.

  • Most importantly, source recommendations from friends/family in community that had great experiences with doulas.

List a few ways you would like your doula to support your vision for your perinatal journey: Take some time and reflect on what your vision is for the perinatal journey (pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss, adoption,fertility etc):

  • After you've reflected on your vision, list out the points you would like to share with the doulas you choose to interview.

List questions you would like to ask while interviewing doulas

  • Check out the "What is a doula?" section on our Resources page for examples of interview questions.

  • Source questions friends/family in your community who may have already used doulas

Download your copy here:

Find the Right Doula for YOU!
Download PDF • 795KB

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