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  • Theodora Amissah

Listen to our episode on the Power Of Stories Podcast

I was recently invited to share my story as a women's public health and impact professional, a birthworker-entrepreneur and family caregiver on an episode of the Power of Stories Podcast! I have been a fan of the inspiring stories hosted on the SayIt Forward platform for some time, so this opportunity was really special! Check it out here!

Here's some of the highlights and quotes from what we discussed in the episode:

  • Growing up in a large family of many cousins, and learning lessons in childhood about caring for people in community

  • Being called a doula years before she actually became one, her experiences working in public health and working with midwives

  • Gaps in community and national maternal healthcare

  • Learning many things from her grandmother, who was an entrepreneur, as is her mother

  • Encouraging community members to discuss health concerns and issues

  • Her role in getting people to think about what they want for themselves regarding their maternal health journeys

More about the Podcast:

The Power of Stories is a new podcast BY women, ABOUT women, and FOR women. In this podcast, we are inviting courageous women from around the world to share the experiences that are shaping their path to empowerment. In each episode, you will hear stories that remind YOU that you are not alone…stories about resilience, overcoming fears, pursuing your dreams.. AND believing in yourself.

This podcast is hosted by Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino, a passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and girls everywhere, and founder of the storytelling platform, and Yodit Kifle Smith, a creative dedicated to making sure the voices and stories of women are heard. and edited and co-produced by Lisa DiGiovine, an Emmy nominated non-fiction producer, writer and director.

Learn more about Say It Forward: Say It Forward envisions a world where every woman and every girl recognizes and claims the power of her voice, her story, her rights and her ability to achieve her biggest, boldest dreams despite the obstacles she may face and uses the power of storytelling to do so. To learn more about Say It Forward, read other stories, hear more podcast episodes, and share your own, visit Instagram and Twitter: @SayItForwardNow Facebook:

Learn more about our Founder, Theodora and listen to her podcast episode (and the stories of other inspiring women) here.

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