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Perinatal Resources

for YOU!

The following resources have been gathered from several sources and are available to support your perinatal needs and goals.  

Check out our Blog for FREEBIE handouts, created just for you! 


Know Your Rights & Strategies
for Self-Advocacy

 Tools you can use to protect your birth and birthing choices



What is a doula?  

How to find the right doula for you and your family dynamic





Resources to help you find the right doula for you:

The Evidence on Doulas:


Resources to help afford  doula support

  • Black Birth Equity Fund: Action for Black Maternal Health (Baby Dove)

    • The Fine Print: Application requests information on  income, family size, etc. will not determine eligibility or ineligibility.Winners will be selected once per month. One-time grant in the amount of $1,300. Funds shall be used by the grantee to assist with Doula services in their birthing journey and cannot be used for other services beyond Doula support and care.

  • The Black Doula Project 

    • The Fine Print: Black parents can request up to $1,000 to cover their birth or postpartum doula fees.Currently only serving black parents and families within the Washington, D.C. metro area or Baltimore, Maryland. Their website says they hope to expand to other service areas in the future.

Affirmations and Kind Words for you on your perinatal journey!


A Playlist made just for you! 

We deeply believe in the power of music, so we've curated an African and African Diasporan music playlist featuring the oldies, the classics, and latest hits to keep you vibing with good energy, raise your mood, and honor the mama and parent that you are! Happy listening!

Looking for more resources to support your postpartum journey?

All SYB clients get community resources tailored to meet their postpartum wellness and healing needs and goals, want to know more?

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